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Frequently Asked Questions

To kick off with we’ve compiled a quick summary of what we get asked the most.

Account Queries

How do I change my contact details?
Login to your Handtec Account and you can change your details and click on update
How do I sell my Phone / Device?
Its easy as 1,2,3. Search for your device and follow the easy steps. Once we receive the device we will contact you to confirm and you get paid. Happy Days.
How do I cancel a sale
Just send us an email at sell@handtec.co.uk

Payment Queries

What are my payment options?
You provide us with your bank account details and we will pay directly into that account. Sent payments are normally available within a few hours

Sending Queries

How do I data wipe my device before sending it to you?

How you data wipe your device varies from operating system to operating system, and sometimes even device to device. These are general instructions that should work with most devices; however, it's best to check with your manual or manufacturer just to make sure. You can download manuals for most makes and models of phone from the internet.

Android: For versions before Android 4.0, press the Menu key from the Home screen and select Settings/Privacy/Factory data reset. You'll get a warning screen. Scroll toward the bottom and tap "Reset phone." If you also have an SD card in the phone (and don't want to use the data in your next phone), also make sure to check the box next to "Erase SD card."

For Android 4.0 or later, go to Settings and look for "Backup and reset." Tap that, and then, on the next screen, tap "Factory data reset." You'll get a warning screen along with a list of all the accounts you are currently signed into.

iOS (iPhone and iPad): Go to Settings/General/Reset and then tap "Erase all Content and Settings." (This is specifically for Version 5; the process may differ slightly for other versions.)

Windows Phone 7: Go to the Home screen, then tap the Application Menu Key and select Settings/ System/About/ and tap the "Reset your phone" button.

BlackBerry: Head to Options/Security options/General settings, and then tap menu. Then select Wipe Handheld.

How do I send my device to you?

You can checkout the four options below

  1. You can print a prepaid label and fix to your package. Just take to your nearest Post Office (no payment required). This is the fastest method. Once you place the order you will get a link (email and checkout success page). The link is to Royal Mails return service just follow the instructions and print out the label. Attach this to your parcel and take to your nearest post office. Make sure you keep the receipt.
  2. Send me a Label and Packaging ( We will send you packaging and prepaid label this may take 1-2 days to arrive). We will post you the packaging and labels to send your device to us. Please allow 1-2 days to receive this.
  3. I have 4 or more phones please collect (If you have 4 or more phones we will contact you to arrange a courier collection). Once we get your order we will contact you
I have not received my pack?
Please allow approx 2 working days (Mon-Fri) to receive your Freepost Pack. If you still have not received the pack please fire us a quick email to sell@handtec.co.uk

iOS and Andriod Activation Lock

What is iOS and Android Activation Lock

With iOS7 or later Apple introduced a new security measure called ’Activation Lock’, which is linked to ’Find my iPhone’. If the Activation Lock is still activated, the device will be locked to your iCloud account which is only accessible with your Apple ID and password.

With Android devices activation lock was introduced to prevent someone from activating your device should it be lost or stolen. On Android devices these locks can vary dependent on the device.

If activation lock is enabled on any device we are unable to test it or resell the device, we will be unable to access any of the functions and the device will become inoperable.

How to remove the iCloud Lock or Android Device Protection

Please check this link on how to remove iCloud.

For Android devices – To turn off device protection, Click on settings – Accounts – Select Account – Tap More – Remove account – Please ensure all associated accounts are removed.

I have not received my pack?
Please allow approx 2 working days (Mon-Fri) to receive your Freepost Pack. If you still have not received the pack please fire us a quick email to sell@handtec.co.uk

Selling Queries

Handtec has told me that my mobile phone is blocked or stolen, what can I do?
We recommend that you contact your network service provider who should be able to unblock the mobile phone/device for you. All mobile phones/devices sold to are checked on the Recipero’s CheckMEND database which indicates if phones have been registered as blocked, stolen or lost. If a mobile phone/device has been flagged we are required to hold the mobile phone/device in quarantine for 28 days to give you the opportunity to get the red flag removed. Under no circumstances are we allowed by law to return the phone if it is flagged as stolen by the Recipero CheckMEND database. This is because we could have been sent what is potentially a stolen phone. If the block or red flag on the phone is not removed within 28 days then we are obliged by law to dispose of it. You can find out more about the Recipero procedures following the link below.